Our Team

Hazel Hannessy

Passionate about what we do

Hello! My name is Hazel and I have been lucky enough to be a guide for Ballycotton Lighthouse since 2014, when the tours began.

It is the perfect job for me as it contains some of the things I enjoy most in life, namely, meeting new people, working outside, being in Nature, and being on the ocean.

I am also very lucky to be working with an amazing team if guides who, like me are all so dedicated and who love the job just as much as I do. It means we are there for each other and we know we always have back up if its needed.
The last couple of years have been difficult for everyone, but for us it meant that more Irish people came to visit us on their staycations. It was especially nice to be able to share our beautiful village and Lighthouse with folks from inland counties, and to see the joy on their faces as we headed out on our beloved YASSY!

So I am really looking forward to seeing you all this summer, when hopefully we will be back on duty again.

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