Our Team

Eddie Fitzgerard

Passionate about what we do

Growing up on the edge of Ballycotton Bay, looking out over the blue water to the green Island, with the Black Lighthouse on top and always wondering what went on out there.

Many Years later I found out what went on out there as I joined the Lighthouse service as a Lightkeeper and was posted to Baily Lighthouse on Howth head as a young SAK learning all about Lighthouse keeping. I was lucky enough during that time to be sent to Ballycotton.

Working on Ballycotton Lighthouse was so exciting as I was a local and I have fond memories of my time there. Now of course there are no longer any Lighthouse Keepers on the Lighthouse but Ballycotton Lighthouse is one of the Grate lighthouses of Ireland open to the public and I am honored to be a Lighthouse guide there.

We have a wonderful team of people at Ballycotton who have a passion and knowledge of all things connected to the Lighthouse and we look forward to passing on all the information to our visitors.

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