Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

In the event of adverse weather conditions preventing us from docking at the lighthouse island, we will provide a guided boat tour to the island. However, we reserve the right to cancel sailings if necessary.


Warning: It is obligatory that all visitors stay within the ‘Lighthouse Compound’ marked by ‘perimeter fence’ and that children are kept under parent supervision. Outside the perimeter fencing the steep gradient of the Island and over hanging cliff ledges are extremely dangerous.’

The Ballycotton Island Lighthouse tour requires visitors taking part to be reasonably agile due to the steep incline necessary to walk on the Lighthouse Island. Due to this incline, access to the boat, and the docking on the island a certain degree of physical fitness is required and the tour may be unsuitable or dangerous for certain persons. We regret that the tour is not suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs and children under 3. No pets are permitted on the tour

All safety guidelines, instructions and regulations from Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tour staff are compulsory and must be observed at all times. All tour visitors will be supplied with life jackets; it is compulsory to wear the lifejacket provided and to listen attentively to the brief onboard safety procedure. The Ballycotton Island Lighthouse tour requires visitors taking part to be reasonably agile due to the steep incline necessary to walk on the Lighthouse Island. 

Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours makes no representations of fact, nature, quality and suitability of our tour promoted on this site and the tour visitor therefore agrees to be responsible for identifying himself / herself via independent enquiry or advice as to the personal suitability of the tour. While on the Lighthouse Island all tour visitors must keep within the boundary walls and fencing. To step outside is forbidden and extremely dangerous, for this reason all children are to be kept under control at all times and responsibility remains with their parents / guardians.


Cancellation due to inclement weather will be decided at the sole discretion of Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours. The decision to cancel will be based on safety grounds and in the event of extreme weather conditions or tidal, wind direction anomalies, which would particularly hinder the facilitation of landing on the Lighthouse Island. The tour will not necessarily be cancelled due to rain or cold so we advise our visitors to dress appropriately for the boat trip. With regards to cancellation; if the tour visitor chooses to cancel for weather (or any other reason) then there is no refund payable. If Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours chose to cancel then we would offer an alternative date or agree to refund any deposit paid. Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours reserve the right to cancel a scheduled tour or alter itineraries at any time as a result of fire, flood, weather conditions or any other circumstances beyond their control.


In the event of late arrival of tour visitors, Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours reserves the right to cancel the tour or travel without the booked visitor without refund. Please note that it is the sole responsibility of all tour visitors to arrive on time for the tour. Travel problems, road closures and other such factors are not the responsibility of Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours.